Melting, 2012,90xx90cm,Acrylic and oil on linen

Pacific Ocean Breeze was painted when I came back from California. This work was purchased by a Finnish collector for there house in Thailand.

Pacific Ocean Breeze,2016,140x170cm, tempera and oil on linen

Winds of Change, 2012,100x140cm,oil on linen

Smoothie Sky in St-Sulpice, 2017, 110x130cm, oil on linen

Back to Western Islands, 2015, 120x70cm, Acrylic and oil on linen

Blowing in the Wind, 2018, 200x110cm,Acrylic and oil on linen

Floating, 2014,110x80cm,Oil on linen

By the River ,2014, 115x115cm, Arylic and oil on linen

Sunscape,2015,115x115cm,Acrylic and oil on linen

By the Shore,2017,60x200cm,oil on linen

Aquatic Currents,2017,44x145cm,Acrylic and oil on linen