Irma Hameri

"Painting is a form of meditation for me- like a quiet surprising moment when mist leaves, gradually  unravelling an island in horizon that I did not even know was there."


Finnish Swiss visual artist based in Geneva Lake area in Switzerland. 

She graduated  from Art School MAA, Helsinki, Finland and is member of VISARTE- Visual Arts Association of Professional Artists  in Switzerland, SSBA- Genève Visual Arts association and IAA- International Artist’s Association. 

Her works have been exhibited in private and group shows and in art fairs in Finland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and in USA. Irma's paintings have been purchased to many private and corporate collections in Europe, USA and Asia.

She mainly paints with acrylic and oil on canvas with natural light and in silence. In intuitive process of painting she often combines figurative elements with abstract expression to enforce the meditative momentum. Organically abstract flows of flowers have been on display for some time. Even there might be elements in her painting representing nature, she always allows her life to filter in during the procedure of discovery when painting. 

In Irma Hameri's paintings figurative hints and loose gestural flows of color melt together with abstract shapes and patterns forming poetical fragments. Dreamlike spaces with reflections let freedom to viewers' perception, and feelings awaken and connect with the painting. As there is not only one focus point, the eye can freely travel in a painting observing elements in the world of abundant forms and vibrant interactions of light and movement.

Here you can watch a short video of my personal exhibition


Gallery G12, Helsinki, Finland, July/2021 

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